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Non-Executive Services

Take on Ajay Nehra as a Non-Executive member of your management team to help steer your company and to become a constantly available and committed source of knowledge, information and guidance for you and your team.

Why Non-Executive Services?
  • Do you have all the knowledge and experience you need in house?
  • Could your internal meetings benefit from external input?
  • Would you like someone to challenge your thinking?
  • Would you like someone to talk to who's outside the company but has its best interests at heart?
  • Do you get the best value out of your senior management meetings?
  • Would you value impartial, objective advice?
  • Could an external sounding board enhance your performance?
  • Large corporates use non-executives why don't you?
How we can help
  • Find the right senior manager to work with you and your business
  • Add value with additional knowledge, experience and skills
  • Provide external advice that's relevant to your business
  • Give access to a range of expert services
  • Act as a catalyst for change and improvement
  • Help keep key meetings on-track and focused
  • Ensure you look at all sides of an argument
  • Bring objectivity to your business
Contact AJACO in the first instance stating the type of business you have any a summary description of your business. We will then request Ajay Nehra to get in touch to arrange for an initial assessment.

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